No Scissors Required: Earn Bonus Money for your School with the Box Tops for Education Bonus App

No Scissors Required: Earn Bonus Money for your School with the Box Tops for Education Bonus App

I have been collecting Box Tops for Education and submitting them (or at least trying to remember to submit them) to my daughters’ schools for nearly 20 years. I work from home and do not have a lot of time to volunteer at school. One simple way for me to contribute something other than time and money (because for me, both are on very short supply) is through the Box Tops for Education program. Box Tops for Education (BTFE) BTFE is a smart and simple way for your school to earn money for items they desperately need, but cannot afford. Each eligible school may earn up to $20,000 cash per year from the program.   The best part is the school can use the money for anything it needs! Books, …

Hassle-free Ice Pops Your Kids Will Love

Hassle-free Ice Pops Your Kids Will Love

Okay, who pissed-off Mother Nature? It is hot out there, people! PLEASE apologize to her, ASAP!! We have had higher than average temperatures all summer, and according to NOAA we will have hotter than average temps all summer long! Aside from one or two really nice, humidity-free days, it’s been too hot for this fair-skinned redhead!   My girls have been begging me to make ice pops for weeks, but I’ve been too busy with work and other things to make the effort. Well, the stars all aligned this week and I was made some really tasty ice pops. I found some $1 ice pop molds at the dollar store (fair warning 2 of the 5 trays I bought had holes and leaked everywhere. 🙁  Next time I’m going to buy this …

Kids Cooking Made Easy

Chocolate Pretzel Bars

My kids love to cook. Every time I start to make something they ask if they can help. Being a MAJOR control freak, and usually in a hurry to get dinner on the table, I almost always say “not now, but thanks for asking.” So to say my kids were over the moon excited when I received Kids Cooking Made Easy: Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes to review, is an understatement. They poured over the book cover-to-cover and picked out several recipes to try. But the only one they all could agree on making first was the Chocolate Pretzel Bars. Before we get into the cooking, I’d like to talk about the cookbook. Written by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek, this cookbook includes 60 easy-to-make, kid-friendly Kosher recipes. Not that you need to be …

Frozen Strawberry Starburst - Life of a Ginger

Frozen Strawberry Starburst

We are putting the mm in summer! Looking for a delicious way to cool off in this heat? Try my Adults Only Strawberry Starburst frozen cocktail. Recipe on the blog today! Don’t drink alcohol or need a kid-friendly version, check out my post tomorrow!

Get Into the Woods! Discover the Forest

I’ve always loved the outdoors. Growing up in rural Iowa, if you weren’t into outdoor activities there wasn’t much for you to do! I have fond memories of summer vacations playing at town parks, swimming at the town pool, riding bikes all over town, and when I was a little older, riding my brother’s dirtbikes and quads, going camping and boating at the lake, attending 4th of July fireworks and having big family reunions at state parks. Best. Trip. Ever. Our best family trip ever happened when I was about 7 or 8. My parents took us on a road trip out West for summer vacation. We packed up my dad’s dually truck with a big cooler of food and drinks, hitched up the camper and headed towards Montana to visit my …