Always on my Amazon Shopping List

Always on my Amazon Shopping List

“Always on my Amazon Shopping List” is a sponsored post.
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As a family of 7 I find it much more convenient to purchase items by the case. I used to run to the local stores to stock up but, I discovered I could order things by the case from for the same price, or even cheaper! And they are conveniently delivered right to my door!

As soon as I find a good deal on Amazon, I’m sure to add it to my shopping list so it’s quick and easy to reorder.

Amazon Shopping List

One particular product we always order by the case is Always Infinity Pads. As you may already know, I am the proud mother of five daughters. And let me tell you, when you and four girls have their cycles synced up, Amazon’s multipacks of Always pads are a lifesaver!

My life is so much easier when I am sure we are fully-stocked with all the necessities. Always Infinity Pads, of course, not to mention chocolate, heating pads, hot tea, and potato chips are always on my list.

We have tried so many different brands and types of pads, but we found that Always Infinity pads with the Flexi-Wings provided the best protection. Because they are available in five sizes, they are great whether you are a tween, teen, or adult–there is an Always Infinity Pad tailored to fit your flow and panty size.

Always Infinity Pads are the world’s first foam pad and made with an ultra-light FlexFoam material. This form-fitting, pad absorbs 10X its weight and molds to your body shape, so you barely feel it.

Through December 30, 2017, Always is partnering with Amazon to give you an added incentive to buy your pads by the case – when you buy Always Infinity multipacks you’ll automatically receive $6 off your purchase.

Perfect for moms like me who are buying pads for themselves plus a house full of daughters, this deal is unprecedented and only available on Amazon!

So go to Amazon to purchase your Always Infinity in bulk. The $6 coupon on Always Infinity multipacks is applied directly at checkout making it super easy to purchase at the push of a button.

When you have a house full of girls like me, buying @always Infinity pads in bulk from is a real lifesaver! They are always on my shopping list along with other period necessities, you know, like chocolate by the ton. BONUS: Automatically receive $6 off your purchase this month when you buy Always Infinity multipacks on Amazon #GreatDeal! #AlwaysOnAmazon #AlwaysAmbassador #Ad #LearnMore

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  1. I am all for a cheaper way to get tampons. If Amazon has them cheaper I will totally do it. It looks like a great way to get stuff so I don’t need to go to the store to get it.

  2. I use Amazon Prime for everything, but I’ve never thought to stock up on bulk items that my family uses often. What a great idea! I don’t know what I’d do without Amazon!

  3. Amazon is my jam! I cannot live without it! It never ever lets me down and their return policy is ON POINT!!! I have never purchased ALWAYS on Amazon before but I have ordered pretty much everything else LOL!

  4. I have never thought to order my Always products on Amazon. It is such a great idea. I will have to make an order filled with all my period essentials.

  5. Online shopping has made things so much easier and one need not run to departmental stores nearby for replenishment of stocks. Just a call or a few clicks of the mouse will do the job. We too buy quite a lot of stuff from Amazon.

  6. While my Always days have sailed, they are a fabulous brand. Amazon is my go-to place for just about everything under the sun, so I’m not surprised they have great deals on Always.

  7. I am all about finding good deals! I love using Amazon because then I don’t actually ever have to go out! My kind of deal!

  8. Amazon is awesome! I feel like I can find just about anything on Amazon, and I love that you can get coupons for great stuff too. So much better than having to run to the store all the time!

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