How About Them Apples [Caramel Apple Sangria recipe]

One of my favorite things in the fall, aside from colorful leaves and cooler weather, is all the fresh, yummy apples! And with October designated as National Apple Month it’s the perfect time to take a bite out of all the yummy varieties available! My all-time favorite apple is the honeycrisp. It’s delicious, sweet and crisp with a firm flesh, making it an ideal apple to eat raw, and perfect for a yummy sangria. Some juicy apple facts… The apple is a “pome”. A fruit that is created from the fusion of outer flower parts and ovaries. Apple trees take from 2 to 10 years to produce their first fruit. It depends on the apple variety, and whether they are dwarf or full-sized trees. Sunny days and cool nights along with the rich soil help … Continue reading How About Them Apples [Caramel Apple Sangria recipe]