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Sunday's weather(This post was sponsored by BJ's Wholesale Club.) As I sit here in front of the fireplace with the kids, watching How to Train Your Dragon 2, the wind is howling outside with the temperature falling to 32 tonight, 20 degrees colder than normal. Tomorrow morning when the girls need to catch the school bus it will only be 27 degrees!

Last Tuesday's weatherIt's hard to believe earlier this week it was in the mid 80s. In the mountains a couple hours to our West they have over six inches of snow, where just two weeks ago I was hiking in shorts and a tee shirt.

Everyone was pretty surprised by the cold weather… it's very rare to have snow this early. The normal temperature is 72 and the high today was 44.

On Friday while watching the midday news I heard the temps would be dropping significantly and there was a good possibility of rain later in the evening. Since I knew we would be out in the cold Trick or Treating that night, I went looking for the girls' coats, which should have been in a box in the garage. I tore the garage apart looking for them. Couldn't find a single one.

Somehow on our move from Alabama to North Carolina we lost the box that contained our cold weather jackets. I'm afraid that the box may have been accidently dropped off at Goodwill along with a bunch of old clothes when we were preparing for our move.

We had to run out to pick up Halloween candy anyhow (nothing like leaving it to the last minute), so after school I piled all the girls into my SUV and headed to BJ's Wholesale Club. I planned on stopping at a department store afterward to buy coats.

Looking at the jacketsWhile browsing through the store looking for the candy aisle, we cut through BJ's clothing department. And I'm so happy we did! Among the shirts, sweaters and pants we found the softest, heavy fleece jackets, that the girls immediately fell in love with! My 10 YO kept brushing the fleece on her cheek and saying “It's sooooo soft!” I knew that BJ's sold clothing but it never even crossed my mind that they would have coats and jackets for the whole family.

Trying on jacketsThe girls had fun trying on several styles of jackets before choosing the one they wanted. There was a good selection of outerwear, from down coats and snowsuits to lightweight jackets and hoodies. And each style had several colors to choose from.

MinionsWhile the younger childrens' selection was pretty limited (two styles of down coats and one jacket, all available in pink or blue), my 7 YO found the perfect bright pink reversible jacket that has thick, furry, fleece on one side with weatherproof nylon on the other. And while we were looking at the Halloween candy she found a cute Minion hoodie that she couldn't live without.

We walked around for a little while, picking up a few things we needed when I realized we had better get home and get ready for Trick or Treating! Everyone was so happy that they had warm jackets to wear, especially when a sudden thunderstorm came through with lightning, heavy winds and rain. BJ's Wholesale Club Saves the Day (er, night I guess, lol)!

Oh! I haven't even mentioned the best part! I purchased 6 jackets and spent less than $120! There is no way I would have been able to do that in a department store. In fact, over the weekend I saw my 14 YO's jacket at another store and it was nearly twice the price!

I'm always discovering great bargains at BJ's. This is just one example! I love that they carry popular name brands of groceries, health and beauty products and home goods. If you aren't familiar with the wholesale club find out more here.

Disclosure: BJ's Wholesale Club provided a gift card for me to purchase products at one of their stores, but all opinions within are my own.