Frozen Strawberry Starburst - Life of a Ginger

Frozen Strawberry Starburst

My current feelings for Monday.

Well, I did it!

I survived the first Monday of summer semi-break with all five girls home.

But it was touch and go there for a while.

My kids and dogs tried their hardest to drive me bat-shit crazy, but I made it through.

Just barely.

Bella Sparky

Bella-14, and Sparky-6

It’s a very long, involved story, but let’s just say that my day began way too early and ended when I backed into my neighbor’s car trying to go collect my runaway dogs. (A neighbor I had never met before. Thankfully, she was super nice about the whole thing!)

I decided after my fiasco of a day I deserved a cocktail, maybe even two!

I looked through my liquor cabinet, also known as the freezer, and found the perfect combination.

I purchased ingredients to make a special shooter for a party we were going to have at the end of last year, but we had to cancel when my husband unexpectedly lost his job.

Since it was super hot here in North Carolina today I decided to grab the blender and make myself a frozen concoction.

A little vanilla vodka, a little watermelon schnapps, a little lemon sour mix, a handful of ice (you can also add some fresh strawberries, if you want) and voila! I created a Frozen Strawberry Starburst!

So. Freaking. Good.

And under 200 calories (if you care about that sort of thing)!

My kids kept coming up to me to see what I was drinking.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! You can’t have any!” (said in my best sing-song-y voice). (Don’t feel too bad for them… They enjoyed this a kid-friendly version the next day!)

My 13 YO said someone needs to make a candle that smells just like this drink. She kept sniffing the blender. I think I might need to keep my eye on that one. 😉

I locked myself in my bedroom with my drink and some popcorn, and binge-watched Netflix.

I guess my day didn’t end up too terrible after all.

I hope you enjoy this drink as much as I do!

PS Allergic to Strawberries? No problem you can omit the fruit and it will STILL taste like a Strawberry Starburst!

Frozen Strawberry Starburst

Frozen Strawberry Starburst

Add everything (reserve a strawberry for garnish) into the blender and blend until slushy–add more ice, if necessary.


Frozen Strawberry Starburst

If desired, rim glass with sugar. First pour a some lemon sour mix and sugar into separate plates/bowls. Dip the rim of the glass into the sour mix. Then dip the rim into the sugar and spin the glass around until covered.


Frozen Strawberry Starburst

Immediately pour the slushy into a glass. Garnish with a strawberry, if desired, and enjoy!


Frozen Strawberry Starburst

Frozen Strawberry Starburst - Life of a Ginger
  • Author: Kate Kelly - My Mommy Brain
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1
  • Category: Alcoholic Beverage


  • 2 oz Vanilla Vodka[cap id=”attachment_3011″ align=”alignright” width=”270″]
  • 2 oz Watermelon Schnapps
  • 2 oz Sweet ‘N Sour Mix
  • Ice


  1. Place ingredients into a blender
  2. Blend
  3. Enjoy!

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Frozen Strawberry Starburst - Life of a Ginger

Frozen Strawberry Starburst

Comments 52

  1. You have to be careful with alcoholic beverages that look like that! Your kids might think it's a shaved ice!

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  2. Sounds like the PERFECT summer drink. A little slushy, sweet and with a zing is a perfect combo for an adult drink!

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      Although it doesn't sound like it from all my cocktail posts, lol, I'm not a big drinker myself. But I LOVE to indulge in frozen drinks during the summer. They just hit the spot, you know?

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  3. This cocktail looks great and the fact that it is frozen would be a perfect way to beat the heat. I have to admit that Watermelon Pucker brings back some crazy teenage memories too!

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  4. First I love your glass. This looks like a drink that I need to make after work today as soon as I get home, LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s so pretty and looks refreshing! I’m looking forward to the kid friendly version. That’s more my speed! 🙂 After a day like that, you needed a break!

  6. Orange is the new black really seriously rocked my world. I am about to rebinge from the beginning tonight. Seriously. SO GOOD.

    Also, this drink looks as though it was made for me. Time to share it with my friends and settle into an OITNB marathon.

  7. OMG you had a day. My Monday served me up a dead truck battery that had to be replaced after leaving me stuck twice. Oh and a $180 replacement battery. I loved starburst growing up and pink and yellow were my favorite. I’m so making this cocktail this weekend.

  8. There have been some weeks lately where I definitely could have used this! Love the sour punch and there’s nothing more refreshing than a frozen drink!

  9. These are the days that a cocktail can be something everyone needs. The frozen strawberry starburst drink sounds amazing and would be quite relaxing on a hot summer day. Thanks for sharing the recipe and this to shall pass.

  10. That’s a pretty awesome drink! Perfect for the summer and for giving yourself a little treat especially when you’re a little stressed. I love that it’s easy to put together as well! Totally making this for myself!

  11. I could use one of those drinks right now. Its awesome that you were able to “invent” such a delicious slushie. I have to learn to mix some drinks too! Saving your recipe and making some for me and my husband to enjoy.

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