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OMG! Totally need to buy a lottery ticket. I was turning left at a traffic light, into the street near the post office. I was sitting in the middle of the intersection waiting for the opposing car to pass so I could turn. Of course, when I was able to turn left the light changed to red, but I was blocking traffic so I finished my turn. This guy at the light honked at me and threw his hands up, and yelled at me with what I could only imagine was very colorful language, so I did what most people from the East Coast do to rude drivers; I flipped him off. (Please note, this isn't something I would normally do, but I was in a bad mood and he “started it”.)

Only then did I see he was state trooper in an unmarked car.

He turned his car around, no lights and followed me into the post office parking lot. I “pretended” not notice him. Gathered my packages and when I went to open my door he was right there and immediately started yelling at me.

“Why did you drive through that red light?!?”

“It was green when I pulled into the middle of the intersection. If I hadn't moved you wouldn't have been able to pull out of the intersection without hitting me,” I retorted.

He kept yelling at me basically waiting for me to say sorry and “fess up” but I'm stubborn and knew I didn't run the light. Finally he said “Well, then give me your driver's license and registration and you can tell it to the judge.”

“I will. I have 5 kids and would NEVER run a red light. I haven't had a ticket in over 16 years and I'm an extremely safe driver.” Again, I would not normally speak to a police officer in this manner, but he was only punishing me because I flipped him off!

I handed him my license and registration. I sat there stewing… thinking about what I was going to say to the judge to get out of this ticket. About two minutes later he jumped out of his car and ran up to my door. I thought ‘Oh crap! I'm in trouble now.'

He said breathlessly “I've gotta go” and managed to drop his cell phone under a car as he threw my license and registration at me.

Of course I am thoroughly relieved. I dropped to my hands and knees to help him find his Blackberry. I managed to grab it from behind one of the tires of the car next to mine. He said “Thanks sweetie, drive safe now.”

Guess who won't be flipping off people in cars anymore, lol.