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Disclosure: I am part of the BJ’s Wholesale Club Blogger Ambassador program. “Throw a Spooktacular Kids Halloween Party” is a sponsored post. Although I was supplied products and/or compensated for writing this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I believe in and use myself.

kids partyKids birthday parties. UGH! Let's be honest. They can be expensive, aggravating, exhausting… did I say expensive? Every summer my family celebrates five birthdays and a wedding anniversary. That is a lot of parties in just five weeks and if I'm not careful, I can break the bank celebrating. So I've learned a few tricks to keep expenses down. My biggest tip is to pick up your party supplies–food, candy, helium tank, cake, ice cream and drinks–at BJ's Wholesale Club. It's a one-stop shop plus you will save a lot of money! On top of their already low prices, BJ's is the only wholesale club that accepts manufacturer's coupons. AND you can stack them with BJ's in-store coupons to save even more!

For our Halloween party, I tried to go as simple as I could. My girls and I located some cute but easy Halloween themed treats and created a list of items we needed. I already had decorations from Halloween last year so really all we needed to buy was the food and drinks.

Here are the tutorials for the adorable mummy drink pouches, marshmallow and pretzel skeleton popsand pumpkin goody bags.

Wellsley Farms Two-Tier CakeI was fully prepared to make the cake myself, but discovered BJ's bakery now carries delicious Wellsley Farms Two-Tier Cakes for only $29.99.

This two-tier cake features a five-inch round cake stacked on top of a 10-inch round cake. Available in a gold cake with a smooth and creamy vanilla buttercream icing, the tiered cakes can serve 40 or more guests. You won't find a custom cake for 40 at that price in your local bakery or grocery store! PLUS, decorations are FREE. They have a large selection of kits for you to choose from, and if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, you can submit a photograph for a custom photo cake at no extra charge.

The girls REALLY wanted to decorate the cake on their own, so we decided to create a monster eye, creepy spider cake instead of having BJ's decorate it for us.


Create the eyes by using the cream half of Oreo cookies for the eyeballs and Junior Mints, M&M's and Reese's Pieces as the pupils. Add a bit of extra frosting to be sure the candies stick to the Oreo.


Using frosting, attach the eyes to the side of the cake.



For the spider bodies use mini Oreo cookies. We used candy eyes, but you can easily pipe some frosting on the Oreo cookies to create them.


Add the legs by piping on chocolate frosting.

For the snacks we served Mummy Dogs and Dino Buddies All Natural Chicken Tenders.

Mummy Dogs

My kids aren't fans of most frozen chicken tenders because they have a weird, chemical taste. But the Dino Buddies All Natural Chicken Tenders were really good and they should be! They are 100% All Natural white meat chicken and contain no preservatives.

Dino Buddies All Natural Chicken Tenders

Here are a few cost saving tips for any party:

  • Host the party at home or at the home of a friend instead of renting out a space. As long as you have cake, ice cream, and goody bags, kids really don't care where the party is held.
  • Hold the party between 1:00-4:00 pm… it's after lunch and before dinner so you can get away with serving cake and light snacks, instead of a full meal.
  • Buy decorations and goody bag toys at your local dollar store. You can get streamers, banners, small toys and tissue paper for a lot less than if you went to a party store.

The girls had so much fun planning and attending the party. It was a big hit and I'm glad I let them talk me into it!

I loved that I could keep the costs down by purchasing most of the supplies at BJ's Wholesale. Here is a breakdown:

Party Costs*:

  • Dino Buddies All Natural Chicken Tenders ($11.99 less $2.50 coupon= $9.49)
  • Ballpark Hot dogs ($8.79 less $2.50 coupon=$6.29)
  • Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheets ($6.99)
  • Wellsley Farms Two-Tier Cake ($29.99)
  • Oreo Cookies ($9.39 less $2.50 in coupons=$6.89)
  • Pretzels ($5.99)
  • Breyers 64 oz. Vanilla Ice Cream ($3.99 less $1.25 coupon=$2.74)
  • Capri Sun Roaring Waters ($7.59 less $2.75 in coupons= $4.84)
  • Starburst Fruit Chews ($6.49)
  • Total from BJ's: $79.71 

Items not purchased at BJ's

  • Marshmallows ($1.59)
  • Pretzel sticks ($2.57)
  • White Chocolate Almond Bark ($2.47)
  • Junior Mints, M&M's and Reese's Pieces ($3.00)
  • Mini Oreo Cookies ($1.00)
  • Green Duck tape ($1.75)
  • Edible marker ($2.49)
  • Wall stickers ($2.97)
  • Total for items not purchased at BJ's:  $17.84

Total Cost: $97.55

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*Not including tax. The following items are not included in my total because I already had them on hand: Halloween decorations, googly eyes, crepe and tissue paper to create the goody bags and to decorate the drink boxes, extra frosting to decorate the cake. Cutlery, paper plates and napkins. If you need party-themed paper plates, napkins, and cutlery, BJ's has got you covered! Artstyle Balloon Themed Napkins 120 ct. ($6.99), Artstyle Balloon Themed 10” Plates 40 ct ($6.99), Artstyle Balloon Themed Tablecloth 3 pk. ($6.99), Berkley Jensen Cutlery set 320 ct ($12.29).

What you are best money-saving tips for throwing a kids birthday party?