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Marshmallow and Pretzel Skeleton Pops

Marshmallow and Pretzel Skeleton Pops



  1. Melt white chocolate bark in the microwave according to package directions.
  2. Break the top off two pretzel knots to create the skeleton’s arms.
  3. Drop pretzels into melted bark and cover completely. Remove and set aside on a baking rack or wax paper to allow to harden.
  4. To assemble the Skeleton Pop, slide a large marshmallow about halfway down a lollipop stick. Top marshmallow with three of the white chocolate-dipped pretzel knots to form the skeleton’s rib cage.
  5. Add a large marshmallow on top of lollipop stick for the head. Using an edible-ink marker or frosting in a piping bag, add a face to the top marshmallow.
  6. Push the pretzel sticks into the underside of the bottom marshmallow for legs. Insert the half pretzel knots into the top “rib” pretzel to become the skeleton’s arms.


You will need 3 pretzel knots for the ribs, plus the top of two pretzel knots for the skeleton’s arms, and two pretzel sticks for the legs.

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