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“No Scissors Required: Earn Bonus Money for your School with the Box Tops for Education Bonus App” is a sponsored post. Although I was supplied products and/or compensated for writing this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have been collecting Box Tops for Education and submitting them (or at least trying to remember to submit them) to my daughters’ schools for nearly 20 years.

Box TopsI work from home and do not have a lot of time to volunteer at school. One simple way for me to contribute something other than time and money (because for me, both are on very short supply) is through the Box Tops for Education program.

Box Tops for Education (BTFE)

BTFE is a smart and simple way for your school to earn money for items they desperately need, but cannot afford. Each eligible school may earn up to $20,000 cash per year from the program.


The best part is the school can use the money for anything it needs! Books, supplies, classroom materials, computers, playground equipment, anything! To date, America’s schools have earned over $868 million according to General Mills.

This is huge considering nearly all schools rely heavily on fundraising to purchase the items that the school’s budget doesn’t–or can’t–cover.

I’ve lost count on how much money we have personally contributed through the BTFE program over the past 20 years, but we averaged submitting 1,000 Box Tops a year.

That is $2,000 we personally contributed to various schools by simply purchasing the items we already use everyday. No expensive cookie dough or wrapping paper to buy, just the cereal (and other items) my kids love and eat every day!

QUICK TIP: Ask your friends and family to save Box Tops for you. This is how we were able to save so many each year.

The problem with clipping Box Tops is I will “put them away someplace safe” and forget about them. I’ve discovered several Ziploc bags of Box Tops, long expired, while unpacking from one of our moves.

Box Tops are collected with the best intentions because it’s a painless way for your school to receive money with little effort from you. But the school only gets that money if you remember to turn in the Box Tops!

No Scissors Required

Bonus Box TopsNow you can conveniently earn Box Top Bonus Cash for your school without ever lifting a pair of scissors.

The BTFE Bonus App is extremely easy to use… it only takes a few seconds to complete a transaction, and your school gets the money added to their account within minutes!

That’s right! You don’t need to submit anything.

Simply purchase participating products, scan your receipt with the BTFE Bonus app, and earn money for your school. (You do need to register for a free BTFE account if you don’t already have one.)

Box Tops products

It’s as easy as

 BTFE Bonus App

  1. Open the BTFE Bonus App.
  2. Choose your offer.
  3. Scan your receipt!

BTFE Bonus AppOnce you scan the receipt it only takes a few minutes for the app to process and credit the bonus Box Tops to the school selected on your account.

 BTFE Bonus App

Once processed, the money goes directly into your school’s account. No need to send in anything. It’s one of the easiest ways to make $5 for your school, ever.

Box Tops for Education Bonus App

 BTFE Bonus AppThe BTFE Bonus app has new and improved geolocation to make it easier to find Box Tops offers at stores in your area.

The app also enables you to change the school you want to support, track your school’s earning, and even view your school’s Clipboard to see what items the BTFE money will be going to purchase.

Try it for yourself!

Get a jumpstart on your back to school shopping and earn even more BTFE money for your school.

Buy 5 Items, Scan 1 Receipt, Earn 50 Bonus Box Tops

 BTFE Bonus App

General Mills and Walmart are teaming up for back to school to help you collect bonus Box Tops for your chosen school.

Simply purchase 5 participating products and your school will receive 50 BONUS Box Tops from General Mills, Kleenex® and Walmart when you submit your receipt through the BTFE Bonus App!

That is an easy $5 for your school!

 Box Tops Product List

Click here to see what items are included, clips some money-saving coupons, and shop the products.

Don't wait!

Download the app now to start collecting bonus box tops from General Mills and Walmart.

For every 5 Box Tops for Education (BTFE) products you purchase in a single transaction at Walmart on or after 7/10/18 and entered by you by scanning your receipt through the Box Tops Bonus App by 9/10/2018, you can earn 50 Bonus Box Tops, for a your BTFE eligible enrolled school. Only available at Walmart. Multipack BTFE products purchased at Walmart count as 1 participating product for purposes of this offer.  To redeem offer, you must download the free Box Tops Bonus App available through the Apple App Store or Google Play store and be or become a member of, supporting an eligible, listed enrolled school and follow offer redemption instructions within the App. Bonus Box Tops are worth 10 cents each and will be awarded directly to your selected BTFE school. There is a combined maximum of $500,000 in Bonus Box Tops that may be collectively redeemed in connection with this Walmart offer. If maximum is reached, offer will be discontinued and removed from the Box Tops Bonus App. Only BTFE eligible enrolled schools can be awarded earnings. All Bonus BoxTops offers are subject to the App Terms of Service, Official Rules, and Privacy Policy, available at Standard Data Rates May Apply. You also can learn more at © 2018 General Mills. All rights reserved.  App store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google, Inc.