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How come when my house is neat and clean and my kids are dressed, no one comes over unannounced, but when we are having a “jammie day”, the house is a disaster and there are dirty dishes everywhere, someone decides to stop by spontaneously?

Why is it when my daughters are standing right next to me and I ask them to do something they can't hear me, but when I open a Hershey's Kiss three rooms away suddenly they have supersonic hearing?

Do dogs have some sort of sixth sense alerting them to the absolute worst time to bark like crazy (e.g., when I'm on a business call, just got the kids to sleep, watching a critical part of a TV show)?!?

Why is it that when you need to get a letter in the mail, the mail carrier show's up first thing in the morning and when you are waiting for something, s/he comes at the end of the day?

Why is it when I'm running late for an important appointment, the car is always on empty or traffic is insanely bad, but when I leave a little early I end up getting there 30 minutes before I need to be?