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With my husband temporarily working out of state, our household bills have doubled while his salary basically stayed the same–which means our planned summer vacation had to be cancelled.

Instead of an EPIC cross-country trip, we have been enjoying mini-staycations and going on as many Road Trip Treasure Hunts as we can plan.

What is a Road Trip Treasure Hunt you ask? It's simple. We map out a string of geocaches, pack a picnic lunch, load up my SUV with the kids, a cooler, and our Go-Bagand spend the day geocaching.

I love how geocaching brings us closer together as a family, plus it teaches the kids how to work as a team, and it gets everyone out of the house! (What is geocaching? Read all about it here!) Sometimes we end up driving 2 hours away discovering new places and searching for caches along the route.

Because I drive an 18 year-old SUV–with nearly 110,000 miles on it–that we can't afford to replace, it’s very important that I do everything I can to keep it running smoothly. That means keeping up with oil changes every 3,000 miles, along with other preventive maintenance.

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Road Trip Treasure Hunt

Getting your oil changed at Walmart's Automotive Care Center helps make those summer road trips a success by saving you time and money–especially from repair expenses that can happen if you don't keep up with your car's routine maintenance!

Road Trip Treasure Hunt

Even with another car in front of me, the experts at Walmart’s Automotive Care Center had my car in and out before I was even finished shopping!

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Now that the car is all taken care of, let me tell you how to get started on your first treasure hunt.

Three Steps to Your First
Road Trip Treasure Hunt

1. Getting Started

It’s simple to get started and the best part, it's practically free! (There are plenty of free geocaches. You can also pay for a yearly membership at to access the premium caches.)

Download the app to your smartphone, register for a free account and you are ready to hunt treasure!

Caching containers come in many different types and sizes. They can be as small as a pencil eraser or as large as an ammo canister. Some caches look like ordinary objects, such as a rock or a large bolt, but it’s normally just a resealable plastic container.

Inside the mini or small caches, you will only find a caching log strip to sign (no room for a pencil!). The larger cache containers are filled with inexpensive objects or “SWAG” to trade.

2. Pick Your Cache

To find a cache, simply open the app and type in your zip code. A list of caches will populate for you to scroll through to find the one you want to tackle.

Road Trip Treasure Hunt


Each cache will list a difficulty and terrain rating, as well as the size of the container.

For your first cache, choose a medium to large sized cache that contains SWAG. It's a lot of fun for the kids (and adults) to pick something out of the cache after you find it. Be sure to choose one with a low difficulty for the first few tries! There's nothing more frustrating than trekking all over and not finding the treasure.

After selecting the cache, click on the “Start” button to see the map and start off on your adventure! Either follow the compass or map in the direction of the geocache.

Once arriving within a few feet of the coordinates, start searching the area for the cache. Look behind signs or metal posts, in hollow tree limbs, under rocks, etc. Look for anything that seems out of place, like an electrical plate in an odd spot or large bolt that doesn’t belong.

If you get stuck, go back to the geocache description and look for clues and hints (many times the name of the cache is a clue itself). Another good place to find hints is within logs of previous cachers, some will add an extra clue or instruction if they found the cache hard to find.

Looking for the cache

HINT: To avoid hurt feelings, have each child look for the cache, and instead of grabbing it when they find it, have them say “Found it” or walk back a few steps and raise their hand. This way the other children can find it on their own. Then take turns as to who gets to open the cache first, gets first pick, etc.

3. Caching In

You found the cache, now what?

  1. Sign and date the log
  2. Remember: If you take SWAG from the container, please replace with new SWAG.
  3. Replace the lid tightly
  4. Return the cache to its original hiding spot
  5. Using the smartphone app, report the cache found and get your smiley face! (You can upload pictures and leave notes for other cachers when you log your find.)

Congratulations on completing your first treasure hunt!

My girls really enjoy our treasure hunts. They love searching for the caches and trading SWAG. But for me the important part is the time spent together, playing outdoors–no kids glued to the TV or fighting over the computer.

Road Trip Treasure Hunt

After a few caches we stop and eat our picnic lunch.

Spending time outdoors, exploring new areas, and working together as a team creates “treasured” memories your kids will remember long after their Xbox is obsolete.

Now off to your first Road Trip Treasure Hunt!

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Road Trip Treasure Hunt