Shark Tank Swag Box [Giveaway]


I am completely addicted to Shark Tank. I’ve been watching the reality show since it’s inception in 2009, and I watch it religiously every Tuesday on CNBC (back to back episodes 8/9 pm ET)!

Shark Tank is one of a few family-friendly shows that my daughters and I love to watch together. We take “bets” on which products are going to get an offer and which ones won’t. I am pretty good about guessing what products are winners, but occasionally I’m shocked because the Sharks either loved something that I thought was a terrible idea or hated something that I thought was awesome.

For the FEW of you who don’t already know about Shark Tank, it’s a reality series that features “Sharks” (Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec) who give entrepreneurs a chance to partner up with one or more of the Sharks to invest in their company and help them secure business deals that could propel their businesses and make the entrepreneurs millionaires.

You just have to tune in every Tuesday on CNBC for the drama, deals, fun and good old fashioned shark fights! I especially love it when all of the sharks are fighting to get the entrepreneur to pick them over the other Sharks.

Anyhow, to the good stuff!

To promote Shark Tank Tuesdays, CNBC Prime is giving away a Shark Tank Tuesday Swag Box! It’s filled with products from businesses that survived the Shark Tank and managed to nab investments. We have The Gobie Water Bottle (my favorite!), Marzsparys ReBoot Energy Spray, nuts ‘n more Chocolate Peanut Butter, OrigAudio Fold and Play Recycled Speakers and Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce.

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Several entries you can do once a day to increase your odds of winning. Contest ends 7/25/14.

Shark Tank Swag Box

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  1. This is a great giveaway! I've never actually watched the show but I'm looking it up now to watch/record it. It sounds fascinating and like something the kids would like too.

    Love that you and the kids vote on it.

    Thanks Kate!


  2. Very impressed by hearing that this is family friendly! None of the popular shows these days seem to be family friendly, it's ridiculous. I find myself watching old shows from the 80's and 90's! This sounds really neat though, I've only heard it mentioned a few times over the years, and I definitely want to check it out now.

    1. Post

      I completely agree Lalia! I can't believe some of the things they get away with on shows in the early time slots now. It used to be the first hour or two of programming were free from adult humor or it was so subtle kids wouldn't get the joke, but now I don't let me kids watch much prime time TV at all.

  3. I haven't watched this show, but I have friends who watch it religiously. This looks like a great collection of goodies, and I clearly need to make the time to check this show out…

  4. I love Shark Tank. My husband got me watching it. I love all the designs and creativity involved. The Ace Shark Tank was my favorite!

  5. I have seen a few episodes here and there and they always have such cool inventions on the show.

    Pretty cool giveaway.

    1. Post
  6. We LOVE Shark Tank! I'm not a big fan of Mr. Wonderful but I love the rest of them and the products are either awesome, hilarious, or complete crap. 😀

  7. My hubs is a big fan of Shark Tank. I don't watch too much reality television, so I couldn't tell you too much about it. However, that swag bag looks pretty awesome!

  8. I have been going to watch this show and forgot all about it until now. I did watch part of one a few weeks ago but that was it. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Cool giveaway. I absolutely love this show now that my mom has introduced me to it. I want to start my own business and they give out some really good tips. It's so interesting to see what people make to.

  10. I absolutely love this giveaway!:) My husband is a major Sharktank fan, I think he would go nuts for this. Thanks for the chance!:)

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