Sleepless Snuggles

Nearly 13 years ago my husband and I upgraded from a full-sized to a king-sized bed. When the bed was delivered we couldn’t believe the massive size of it. But over the years the bed has managed to shrink to elfin-size. Mainly due to all the kids (and an occasional dog) that end up in our bed for whatever reason. Our 6 year old being the worst offender. She has good streaks and bad; currently she is in a bad streak. She sleeps soundly, but restlessly; alternating between sticking her feet or head in my back.

sleepless snuggles

I always end up pushed over to the very edge of the mattress. Sometimes sleeping on a strip only 10 inches wide. My husband, on the other hand, spreads out on “his” side of the bed, legs sprawled out encroaching on “my” side. Throughout the night, I will scootch my 6 YO over toward the middle of the bed and rearrange the pillows to try and keep her there.

Sometimes DH will rollover so that he is in the middle of the bed pushing her over into me again. I will move her again, give him a shove and tell him to scoot over. It doesn’t matter where he is on the bed, he will lift up his head and say “I’m right on the edge!” as I look over and see a good 18 inches between his back and the edge of the bed. When I say I’m on the edge of the bed, I’m on the edge of the bed. If I’m shoved over another half-inch, I’m on the floor.

While I’d be happy to get a few good nights’ sleep without hanging on to the edge of the mattress for dear life and two little feet stuck in my back, I cherish the sweet little snuggles and kisses I get from my baby-girl. Because it won’t be long before my baby will be “too old” to climb into my bed in the middle of the night, and those sleepless snuggles will be few and far between.

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  1. Love this! I have two that routinely end up in our queen bed and I ALWAYS get shoved over to the very edge of the bed. Awww, it's the life of the mommy, right?

  2. Post

    Thanks, Chris! Yes, the mommy always seems to get the short end of the stick, but I think it's a fair trade when I get those snuggle hugs from my girls!

  3. I agree they will grow and be too big… my youngest often 'calls' sleeping in my bed when dad is out of town… But he still moves and wiggles around too much, and I kick him out half the time!

  4. I know this story all too well!! We don't have a dog but 2 kids that like to climb in around 4am and I am always the odd (wo)man out, clinging on for dear life. But, this too shall pass ad I am sure it will be missed!

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