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Ten Minute No Cook Strawberry Ice Cream

Ten Minute Ice Cream

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A neighbor introduced this ten minute ice cream recipe to us while we were living in Virginia. It’s delicious and surprisingly simple to make. An added bonus, it’s much healthier (and less expensive) than the stuff you buy in the grocery store. Just three basic ingredients: Half & Half, vanilla and sugar.



Ice Cream:

Ice Bath:


  1. Combine the Half & Half, vanilla, sugar, and strawberries in the small bag and seal it tightly, getting out as much air as you can.
  2. Place the small bag into the medium bag and seal it tightly, again with no air in the bag (double bagging is not necessary, but it helps to prevent leaks and keep the salt out of your ice cream).
  3. Place the salt and ice in the large freezer bag, then place the medium freezer bag inside and seal the bag tightly (or use a coffee can, etc.)
  4. Put on gloves or wrap the bag in a towel and shake continuously until the mixture hardens (about 10 minutes). If using a coffee can/plastic container have the kids roll the container back and forth on the floor.
  5. Carefully open the large bag and take the medium bag out, check the firmness of the ice cream. If it’s too soft place back in the bag/container and continue shaking for 5 more minutes.
  6. Once the ice cream is at the proper firmness, remove the small bag, open and enjoy your homemade ice cream! (rinse off and keep the freezer bags to use again the next time you make ice cream).


Omit the strawberries to have plain vanilla ice cream, or substitute with your favorite fruit, candy, or chocolate chips.


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