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I don't know about you, but my kids have been a little too attached to their electronics lately. It's cold outside, the weather hasn't been great. It gets dark so early in the day… Once my kids have their homework done, the first thing they head to is the X-box, their smartphone or the computer. It was about time to unplug again. The last time I did this I made all of my kids cry when I collected their electronics, but we ended up having a really fun weekend.

Planning another Tech-free weekend was in the back of my mind for a while, but with illnesses, robotics and other activities needing my attention, I kept putting it off. Then a few weeks ago there was an accident or something down the road and our power went out. This forced all of us to unplug. You would have thought the world ended. “What the…” my 13 YO screamed. “My game!” She had been playing Minecraft all. day. long. And she lost part of her world! The travesty! After a few minutes, when everyone realized that the power wasn't coming right back on, the comments started. “There's nothing to do!”, “My phone needs charged.”, “I can't do anything without wifi!”, “I'm bored!”

ThinkFun to the rescue!

I grabbed the box of games I just received in the mail and told the girls to “use their brains” for a while. My girls love math and science and were pretty excited when they saw what was in the box. The girls were so into playing with the games, they didn't stop even when the power came back on.

Stratos Spheres

Stratos Spheres2-Player Strategy Game
Take four-in-a-row to a whole new dimension with Stratos Spheres! Stratos Spheres loses the 2-D board and lets you build the game – and your logic skills – as you go. To start, add one of your colored spheres to the white neutral sphere and pass it to your opponent. Your opponent then adds a sphere of his/her color. This 2-player game goes back and forth until one player gets four of his/her spheres in a row – in any dimension. With its 3-D construction, Stratos Spheres takes a classic play pattern and adds a dynamic new level of strategy and fun!

Skill: Logic and Problem Solving
Age: 8 and Up
Players: 2 Player

  • 1 White Sphere
  • 12 Blue Spheres
  • 12 Gold Spheres
  • Game-Go Bag
  • Instructions

Available for purchase at for only $9.99!

Stratos Spheres was a big hit with the girls. It is a super easy game to learn and so much fun to play. Similar to that other four-in-a-row game, only a lot more fun, and challenging. The girls actually spent a lot of time playing with Stratos Spheres. Because it's a 2 player game they had to take turns playing. We ended up playing it “tournament style” where the winner of the game got to play the next person. (The only complaint the girls had with Stratos Spheres was the pieces were a little difficult to put together the first couple of times they played. But after a few games it was much easier.)

How to play:

Stratos Spheres Steps To Play

Playing Stratos Spheres

Playing Stratos SpheresStratos Spheres

Playing Stratos Spheres

Math Dice Chase

Math Dice ChaseMathematical Hot Potato
One part hot potato, one part math – Math Dice Chase tests your ability to quickly do mental math. Hurry to roll the dice, call out your answer, and pass the dice before you get caught with a second pair in front of you!

Skill: STEM and Creative Thinking
Age: 8 and Up
Players: 4 to 6

  • 2 Blue 12-Sided Dice
  • 2 Purple 12-Sided Dice
  • Game-Go Bag
  • Instructions

Available for purchase at for only $6.99.

Math Chase Steps To Play

Math Dice Chase was a little more complicated to get started, but once the girls actually read the directions and figured out how to play, they were off! When my 8 yo was playing we used addition since she isn't quite as quick with her multiplication tables as her older sisters. It was so much fun watching them call out answers and try to get the dice into the next person's hands. Especially when it seemed like they would be stuck with both pairs!
Playing Math ChasePlaying Math ChasePlaying Math ChasePlaying Math Chase

Fun Games that Sharpen Your Mind

ThinkFun is passionate about their efforts to make learning fun. It drives everything they do – and every game, brainteaser and puzzle they create. They love being the spark that ignites young minds and gives children an early learning advantage.

Igniting Creative Thinking
Children are born creative. It’s in their DNA, so to speak. When they are given the freedom to play with less structure and without the limitations of right and wrong solutions, they improve their development and unleash the creativity that has been with them since birth. This free-form learning teaches children that they can make their imagination a reality with problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

STEM Education and Creative Thinking
Today isn’t the same as yesterday. And tomorrow is a whole new creative, technologically-advanced world. ThinkFun is doing everything they can to help ensure children are properly prepared for it by making learning fun. They are developing games and planning initiatives to help children cultivate STEM skills and be the creative beings that will forever change our world.

Leaders in STEM Learning
STEM is everywhere. It’s the hottest thing in education. It’s also something ThinkFun has been passionate about since before it received the catchy acronym. From engineering toys and coding games to open-ended construction kits, ThinkFun is leading the world in creating STEM games that shape 21st century thinkers.


ThinkFun bags

I love that the ThinkFun games come with the little carry pouches! The kids can easily put away the games and stick them in the game cabinet. I don't have to worry about boxes that get broken, or pieces getting lost!

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