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I am probably the furthest thing you can get from a beauty blogger. I'm lucky if I'm able to put mascara on in the morning, let alone a full face of makeup. It's not that I don't like to wear makeup, it's really that I was never taught how to use it! The one thing I do every day, without fail, is wash my face.

wash your faceMy grandmother stressed how important it is to wash your face every night before you go to bed, especially if you are wearing makeup. And I'm so happy I followed her advice because my skin is pretty healthy. (I also wear sunscreen every day, whether it's sunny or not.) I grew up in the sun-worshipping generation. When you have red hair and fair skin like I do there is no point trying to tan. So I have very little sun damage. A lot of people my age can't say the same.

I've tried so many different face cleansers out there, before I found one that I really LOVED. It has three parts, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and I loved how it made my skin look and feel. I used it daily for years! I actually cried when I found out they discontinued the products!

I looked and looked but had a very hard time finding something I liked, that didn't cost a million dollars, and made my skin look and feel they way that skincare line did.


Jump ahead to a couple of months ago when I was approached by Anna Keller to see if I would be interested in sampling some of the products from Beautycounter. I had never heard of Beautycounter so I did a little investigating and I really liked what I read!


Beautycounter is a brand built around safer skincare and makeup products that are also effective. As it turns out, there aren't many regulations in the U.S. around ingredients that can be used in personal care products, and so Beautycounter founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew set out to change that.

The brand is truly setting the bar for what safety in the personal care industry means in our country. Beautycounter is committed to safe skincare and makeup, but it doesn't just stop with Beautycounter products. It's a brand that also pushes for increased regulations within the industry as a whole.

This past spring, Beautycounter leaders and consultants went to D.C. to meet with Congress to increase legislation in the personal care industry. Pretty cool. Check out this clip of Beautycounter founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew, on The Today Show. (The “Our Story” section of their website it's very informative!)


The best part about Beautycounter? The products don't sacrifice effectiveness for safety. Everything performs really well, and goes through rigorous testing for both safety and effectiveness. Working to get safer products into the hands of everyone isn’t always easy, but it’s important. Beautycounter is committed to be the leader in safer skin care and clean cosmetics, because we all deserve better beauty.

There are a few skincare lines, including one geared toward anti-aging, one to fight dullness, one for oily/acne-prone skin, and more. Work with Anna to determine the perfect regimen for you (skincare survey), which may very well be a combination of products from a few lines. After all, everyone's skin is different.

My Favorites

These are the two product that I fell in love with. Even my husband noticed a difference in the texture of my skin! And that says a lot because he never notices anything. I once came home after cutting off 21 inches of my hair and it took him two days to realize it! (I gave him some slack because at the time I was always wearing my hair up in a bun.)

Rejuvenating Face Cleanser Rejuvenating Face Cleanser: Lightly lathering and sulfate-free, this refreshing and luxurious cleanser features fruit and berry seed oils that gently-yet-thoroughly cleanse and moisturize skin. While purifying cleansing agents help remove makeup and clear pores, antioxidant-rich plant extracts—like those from green tea—help soothe and calm skin for an overall fresh, comforted feeling.

Rejuvenating Toner Pads

Rejuvenating Toner Pads: These purifying and refining toner pads feature mixed fruit acid complex and vitamin C that provide antioxidants and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lentil seed extract to tighten and refine the appearance of pores. Algae extract brightens and jambu extract gives skin a firmer, more youthful look. Swipe them on after cleansing to remove any residual makeup and impurities and prep skin for the next steps of your regimen.

Visit Anna's Facebook group (Anna's Beautycounter Insider Info) for information on products, promotions and deals, and general beautycounter-related news, plus you can ask Anna any questions you might have.

Check out the awesome Beautycounter Holiday Line here. They have something for everyone on your list! This includes many existing skincare and makeup items packaged in fun, giftable ways as well as several BRAND NEW products.

Beautycounter Holiday Line